Scout V7 (400W/48V 24Ah)

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Motor   Battery   Frame  
400W Rear-Hub   48V 24Ah Lithium Battery   Steel  
Fork   Brakes   Tires  
Front & Rear Hydraulic   Yadea Disc Brake (Front) 

Yadea Drum Brake (Rear) 

16″ x 2.5″  
Chain   Gross Weight   Max Load  
Steel   129lb  330lb  
Range   Display   Mudguards  
Up to 70 mi (PAS)   4.2″ TN LCD Display   Included  
Color   Lights     Transmission  
Black/Grey/Red   Front & Rear, Included   Two Speed Mode  
Throttle   Charging time   
 Twist (Right)    4-6 Hours   
  •  Speed & range may vary
  • Original charger included in the box
  • Some Assembly Required

Diagram & Assembly Instructions

64.6″ x 29″ x 40.8″(cargo box)-45.7″(2nd seat)



Scout V7 (400W/48V 24Ah) has a powerful 400w motor and full disc brakes that will give you the boost and safety you need to get yourself anywhere. The 48V 24Ah lithium battery will take you 50 miles or more on one charge. The Scout V7 comes with a 4.2” LCD Display, Super bright LED lights (low/high beam), turn signals, electric horn, wheel locking alarm, mudguards, cargo box included and two-seater upgrade available. The Scout V7 is one of a kind due to its working pedal which allow customers full access to sidewalks without fear of being ticketed. Take a safe and stress-free ride with your Scout V7 down the Beach sidewalks or the bike lane.

35 reviews for Scout V7 (400W/48V 24Ah)

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Weight 165.35 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 15 × 33 in

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No accessory, Luggage Box, Rear seat

35 reviews for Scout V7 (400W/48V 24Ah)

  1. James Davies

    I love this bike! I just got it but so far it looks amazing.

  2. Michael Huller

    I purchased the Red V7 a few months ago and decided I’d like to leave a review for anyone else interested in purchasing.
    1. It’s seat is very comfortable and has great cushioning
    2. The red color is very, very nice
    3. The range lasts more than enough to ride all day, I just plug it in as soon as I get home and I never have to worry about getting stranded
    4. As you’d expect, the quality of the frame/screen lives up to the price. You can tell just by riding on it, it’s very sturdy and well made.
    5. Building it wasn’t too bad, if you watch the instructional video you can easily get through it.
    6. Shipping was great, no problems and took 5 days (northern michigan). After putting a few hundred miles on it and riding all summer I can safely say it’s my new favorite way to commute around the area.

  3. Ethan Wilson

    Scout V7 makes life easier. Commuting’s a breeze, and the cargo box fits all my stuff.

  4. John Carter

    Loving the powerful 400W motor on my new Scout V7. It handles hills like a champ, and the top speed is perfect for local streets.

  5. Lucas Brown

    Scout V7 is the coolest ride around town. It’s stylish, comfy, and those turn signals? Fancy touch.

  6. Ava Robinson

    The motor’s perfect for long rides, and the battery lasts ages.

  7. Jessica Thompson

    I’ve been using the Scout V7 for my food delivery job, and it’s been a game-changer. The cargo box fits all my deliveries, and the battery life lasts me through my entire shift. Plus, the electric horn helps me navigate busy streets safely.

  8. Claire Rodriguez

    The Scout V7 folds up neatly, making it a breeze to transport and store. Perfect for my small apartment and commuting lifestyle.

  9. David Johnson

    This bike’s mudguards are a lifesaver during the rainy season. Keeps the ride clean and dry no matter the weather. I live in UK it rains everyday here

  10. Maria Gonzalez

    The full suspension on this bike makes such a difference on rough city streets. Rides are so smooth, and the LCD display keeps all the info I need at a glance!

  11. Omar Ali

    The 2 speed settings are great for different roads flat or offroadc. Plus, it’s so quiet!

  12. Michael Chang

    The Scout V7’s design is sleek and modern. It’s perfect for running errands around town or enjoying a leisurely ride on the weekends. The adjustable seat height is a great feature for riders of all sizes.

  13. Malik Jackson

    Smooth cruising, and comfy seat

  14. Layla Patel

    Effortless riding, long battery life

  15. Kai Yamamoto

    Plenty of cargo space

  16. Jessica Thompson

    I use my Scout V7 for delivering small parcels around town. The cargo capacity and speed settings make it ideal for quick trips.

  17. Alex Smith

    Absolutely thrilled with my Scout V7! The mileage is incredible—50 miles on a single charge means I can go everywhere I need without worries.

  18. Henry Wilson

    Got this as a gift for my college-going son. He loves the ease of use and how it reduces his campus commute time significantly.

  19. Sarah Patel

    I’m new to electric bikes, but the Scout V7 made the transition seamless. It’s comfortable to ride, and the turn signals are a nice touch for city riding. The wheel locking alarm adds an extra layer of security, which I appreciate.

  20. Olivia Martin

    The Scout V7’s design is sleek and modern. It’s not just a bike, it’s a statement. Plus, the battery life is just unbeatable.

  21. Mike Brown

    The wheel locking alarm gives me peace of mind whenever I have to park in public. Also, the cargo box is very handy for grocery runs.

  22. David Rodriguez

    As someone who commutes daily, the Scout V7 has been a lifesaver. The range is impressive, and the pedal assist makes uphill climbs a breeze. Plus, the LCD display keeps me informed on my speed and battery life. Highly recommend!

  23. Ned Ridde

    This bike takes me everywhere. Solid, reliable and comfy, even on long rides.

  24. Rachel Kim

    As someone who relies on public transit, the Scout V7 has been a game changer for my daily commutes. Fits easily on sidewalks and is very user-friendly.

  25. Sam Lee

    Bought the Scout V7 for its dual-seater capability. My partner and I enjoy weekend rides together—so comfy and fun!

  26. Liam Murphy

    Had some questions and customer service was ace! Really helped me get the best out of my bike.

  27. Ryan Miller

    I’ve always been a fan of biking, but the Scout V7 takes it to the next level. The pedal assist is smooth, and I can easily switch between modes depending on the terrain. The fact that it’s sidewalk-friendly is a huge bonus!

  28. Sophia Martinez

    Scout V7 is my campus ride. It’s smooth, eco-friendly, and the horn helps me navigate crowds. Love it!

  29. Emily Johnson

    The Scout V7 is a game-changer! With its powerful motor and long-lasting battery, I can zip around town with ease. The added safety features like the LED lights and disc brakes give me peace of mind. Love the convenience of the cargo box too!

  30. Emma Peterson

    Feels great riding around knowing I’m keeping things green. This bike’s eco-friendly and packs a punch.

  31. Emma White

    I bought the Scout V7 for family outings, and it’s been a hit with everyone. The two-seater upgrade was worth it – now my partner and I can enjoy rides together comfortably. The mudguards are a chef’s kiss on rainy days!

  32. Daniel Lee

    Safety was my top priority when choosing an electric bike, and the Scout V7 delivers. The LED lights are bright, and the turn signals make my intentions clear to other road users. Plus, the wheel locking alarm gives me peace of mind when I park it.

  33. Ellen Hayes

    The LED lights and turn signals on this bike are super bright and make night riding much safer. Highly recommend for safety-conscious riders!

  34. Olivia Garcia

    Living in a hilly area, I needed a bike that could handle the terrain. The Scout V7 exceeded my expectations – the motor tackles inclines effortlessly, and the battery life is impressive. The LCD display is easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

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