E-Tek Electric Bikes is a Florida-based company offering a variety of highly innovative and top-performing electric bicycle products. 

   Our Story:

 E-Tek Electric bikes was founded in the summer of 2020 as a father-son business project. It all started when we bought our own electric bikes and absolutely fell in love with them. We knew the e-bikes we had were great, although we felt the need to add our own personal touch to make sure we had the perfect e-bikes. Once we were satisfied with our final products, we were ready to launch E-Tek Electric Bikes.


     Why Choose an E-Bike? 

E-Tek bikes are balanced and designed to support exercise as well as comfortable riding. In terms of helping the environment, taking an e-bike instead of a car is a great choice to make. From reducing carbon emissions to fostering an appreciation for nature, electric bikes can be an eco-friendly alternative to vehicles that run on gasoline or other fossil fuels. Our variety of e-bikes can accompany your daily commute to work or lead you through rough terrain in the great outdoors!