Why an E-Tek electric bike should be part of your life

Sourcing alternative transportation can be an important part of living an eco-friendlier lifestyle however no matter how much you want to help save the planet, this switch needs to be practical too. Using a bike instead of a car or other vehicle not only saves on fuel use, which is helpful to the environment, but will add regular exercise into your day too. Even just used for pleasure, there is no question that riding a bicycle is both fun and good for your health too.

Conversely, should you need to travel significant distances, cycle to the other side of town without arriving drenched in sweat, or simply attempting to tackle the top of a given hill without a struggle, a traditional bicycle may not always be ideal. This is where the electric bike comes in, adding a powerful electric motor to give you that extra push, so you can go faster, further, and when it comes to climbing hills, higher than ever.

Electric bikes do all this while retaining most of the advantages of a traditional bicycle too. Easy to ride, easy to store, and serious fun on demand. Clearly, this explains why electric bikes are growing in popularity so quickly. Whether you are an established cyclist looking for something new or just beginning your two-wheeled journey, there is an electric bike model to suit your every need.

That being said, not all electric bikes are created the same. When looking at the electric bike market, there are a huge number of styles, options, etc. with prices varying drastically across the entire spectrum. With so many choices, it has a tendency for potential confusion for many newcomers to the hobby.

Choosing an Electric Bicycle

The first thing to consider when choosing an electric bicycle is your given application. As with traditional bicycles, there are several style options available which can shape your buying decision.

There are four classifications to choose from:

  • Commuter Bikes – Not all but in many cases, commuter bikes are foldable for easy storage at work. What they all do have in common however is an upright riding position for great visibility.
  • Cruiser Bikes – Easy to ride option for leisure fun. Cruisers are a comfortable bike option that can take you anywhere you want to go with ease.
  • Mountain Bikes – Built to handle any rough terrain you may experience. an electric mountain bike has the power, suspension, and ruggedness to handle the task.
  • Step-Through Bikes – Designed for comfort without a tall crossbar to get over, step-through bikes make a great commuter for anyone looking for something a little easier to manage.

Motors and Batteries

At the heart of every electric bicycle is its motor and battery. Quality motors are compact and lightweight, yet still give the power to keep you going even up the steepest hill.

Battery capacity and amp hours will determine the running time of the electric drive

While some less expensive offerings use unbranded motors, E-Tek bicycles come standard with industry leading Bafang Mid-Drive motors for smooth, reliable performance allowing for plenty of power whenever needed.

Combined with batteries from Samsung, LG, and Tesla, the E-Tek drivetrain is built for electric bicycles and offers great capacity for long run times. Our batteries keep weight down, compact, and easy to maintain providing fantastic performance in every situation.

Also included is a large, color LCD display keeping you informed of power use and battery charge. Our electric bicycles let you focus on the fun with a simple to use electric powertrain.

Gears, Frames and Brakes

When buying an electric bicycle, you can become so focused on the electric prospective that it becomes easy to forget you are still buying a bicycle too. Even with the very best electric component set up available, the overall quality will still only be as good as the bike, and its given components. While some electric bike competitors may focus their efforts on the motor and battery front, E-Tek prides itself to deliver quality components throughout.

With Sunrace and Shimano transmissions, E-Tek gives you the globally proven systems used by leading bicycle manufacturers around the world. Reliable, effective, and east to use and maintain. Whether it’s from gear changing to braking, all components are built to cope with the additional power an electric bike provides.

Bicycle frames are no exception. Simply adding an electric motor to a standard bicycle frame may offer a cheap route to electric power, but is not good for long-term performance, E-Tek frames use a variety of materials depending on the model, including carbon fiber on some, but all are purposely designed from the ground up to be electric bicycles. Proven by all of our electric bikes ride experience.


Electric bicycles are still relatively new to the market. As with any new industry, there are many attempts to build to a specific price point or try new approaches at lowering retail cost to the consumer. On the contrary, here at E-Tek, you get the reassurance that no costs were spared to provide only the highest quality electric bike on the market today. There may be cheaper options available however when you purchase an E-Tek bike, you can be confident that your bike has been built to last!

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